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23-Aug-2017 05:37

Now that I think about it, the 80 approaches I’ve done on the hypthy dancefloors of Sofia have yielded surprisingly little results.Contrary to a lot of my experiences in Colombia and Denver, Colorado my most fruitful sets have not occurred in loud, raucous nightclubs, but in salsa clubs, meetups, smoking areas and patios.As it was said, dating Bulgarian single woman is a very interesting process but knowing the specifics of Mediterranean countries definitely makes you the winner and a good husband that will love his woman for what she truly is.In Sofia I got laid more, got paid more, established better friendships and am leaving with more good memories and lessons learned than the previous cities I spent equal time in. ) or some unquantifiable metaphysical influence or self help principle, I know exactly why my time there was so productive in all the dimensions that are important to me.As well as positive sides of dating girl from Mediterranean country, there are some negative sides that should not be ignored.Knowing those facts will provide better understanding of the culture and history of Bulgaria which caused such specific moments.For a man these two habits really are symbiotic; when I’m No Fapping I’m way more motivated to go out, make friends and meet girls but No Fapping for this long requires serious discipline that is all but impossible if you are a even a moderate social drinker.

Hotter girls — Bulgarian girls are pretty attractive but at least during the winter they try to convince you they are NOT with dorky sweaters and the atrocious hipster attire that is sweeping Europe.

Unless they’re hookers, and they are fucking them, but likely only after paying for the girl’s taxis to the club, paying for their drinks in the club, paying to fuck them and then paying for their taxis home.