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You might also have to cover the cliff sensors to get it to work on the black(ish) floor.This could be a problem if you have drop-offs (You can cover those with an extra VW and the Roomba won't fall down the stairs).James, who has been lucky enough to get his hands on the first Harmony doll, has revealed the sexual aspect of Harmony is a small part of it.He said: ”The sexual aspect of doll ownership is a very small part of it, what you find more pleasure from in the long run is looking after them, dressing them, putting on their make up and interacting with them.” James featured in a new Channel 4 documentary, The Sex Robots are Coming.I have a fairly thick wool rug in my livingroom that my discovery would never venture over but this little man did the climb no problem. Putting padding on the bumper might have covered them, which, depending on how reflective (or non-reflective) the padding is, may have caused Roomba to always go full-speed into things.

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The reason is that the issue with dark floors tends to happen on rug or other material that "absorbs" the IR light, rather than reflecting it. We will give it a go tomorrow once we all get home from work. if not, and I have to cover the sensors I will have to rely heavily on my lighthouse/wall. She followed him around for over an hour laughing at the funny "boomba". You could try turning on the VW/LH and taking a picture of it when it is dark (without the flash) to see how far it goes to get a good idea if it would cover the entire way you would need it too.

There are also 42 different nipple colour options, and 14 different labias.

Her creator, Matt Mc Cullen told Daily Star Online: "We want to create believable experiences which are literally out of this world.".

The doll can support multiple personalities, which can be altered through a smartphone app.

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The smartphone app allows users to create an avatar with an Artificial Intelligent “personality”.The real life sex doll has been designed to satisfy a man’s every need.