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10-Dec-2017 20:33

Holding local elections is another important task for the new president.

Local elections have been delayed for over seven years so far, with excuses such as lack of money or the need for a new law that has not been drafted.

The government should show more openness, for instance by being more present on social media and making live broadcasts of meetings. The 2010 constitution was designed to suit dos Santos.

It gives too many powers to a president that is not even directly elected by the people.

Of course, the ruling party doesn’t want elections because it risks losing constituencies.

We don’t expect the new president to transform the country in two days, but we do want him to show he is willing to listen and put into practice other people’s ideas, to experiment and open up.The president appoints judges to the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court and the Military Court, and these judges report directly to the president, so there is no separation of powers. If the president wants to effect real change, he should reduce his own powers.Regarding corruption, the new president should open a public debate and the public should accept that it is useful to know who were guilty of stealing public money and where the money went.Angola saw a change at the top in 2017, when President José Eduardo dos Santos stepped down after a staggering 38 years in power, to be replaced by President Joao Lourenco.

His rule was characterised by close control of the nation’s oil wealth, to the benefit of his family and the ruling elite, which necessitated a tight grip on civil society to prevent it exposing corruption and demanding a fairer distribution of wealth.Some cases are starting to arise, including some that affect the former president’s family interests.

Why, then, is there so much disdain against sex work if it is not coerced?… continue reading »

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Less than 20 years ago there was not a house where now stands this wealthy mine and farm-girdled city, whose population is nearly equal to the united populations of Oxford and Cambridge, and exceeding by several thousands the united populations of the cities of Winchester, Canterbury, Salisbury, and Lichfield at the time of the gold discovery.… continue reading »

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