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Für seinen Roman „Der gute Doktor“ wurde er für den Man Booker Prize nominiert, einen der bedeutendsten internationalen Literaturpreise.Der Roman wurde als „bestes Buch des Jahres“ mit dem Commonwealth Writers Prize ausgezeichnet. (Sweeney 1943, 57; Hayes 1977, 41) Before 11 January: For his father's birthday, Calder makes , a game consisting of five painted animals—a tiger, a lion, and three bears—and a wooden board with nails divided into six pens.

nigel gohl dating sites-68

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Directed by Jean-Michel Meurice and Jean Pierre Marchand; produced by Eliane Victor. Calder attends Germantown Academy for two or three months while his parents search for a house close to New York City.

16mm, color, sound (English); two versions: 28 min. Directed by Carlos Vilardebo in collaboration with André Bac, Marcel Beau, Jacques Decerf and Anne-Marie Cotret; narrated by Alexander Calder; music provided by Louisa Calder from various recordings. Produced, directed and written by Jean-Marie Drot; narrated by Jean-Marie Drot and Ed Wegman (NET). (Calder 1966, 48) 17 June: Calder graduates from Stevens with a degree in mechanical engineering.

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