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Located in California, it was founded by Rob Foregger, Bill Harris, and Louis Gasparini.Bill Harris is the CEO of Personal Capital and was formerly CEO of Intuit, Paypal, and several other financial services and security companies.Here's a shot of the All Income Cash Flow chart: Like any tool there are a few hiccups to adjust post-transaction, especially when you transfer between accounts, but it's a quick adjustment.

One exception is real estate, which you can track to Zillow's Zestimate: I'm not sure how I feel about Zillow's Zestimates as an accurate measure (here are some other free home appraisal tools) but I include my home price because I need something to offset my mortgage.) with over 2 billion in tracked accounts – that's some serious cash.They manage .5 billion in assets for clients with at least ,000 to invest – which is itself an even more astounding feat (that's what pays for the service, fees on those managed investment assets).For a very brief moment, many years ago, I tried Quicken and subsequently Mint.

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They were all OK — but they didn't play nicely with my brokerage accounts.

Eventually, I abandoned them and went back to manually logging in.